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21:00 Keynote
(not the f***ing PPT clone!)
FX It's the keynote.
12:00 SniffJoke vecna abstract  code
13:00 WLAN router horror stories ViBi and 5M7X abstract
14:00 Printer hacking Andrei C previous versions
15:00 Building your own TETRA radio sniffer Harald Welte (laforge) none
16:00 Chip & PIN is definitely broken Andrea Barisani
Daniele Bianco
17:00 FreeBSD Kernel Massacre argp abstract
18:00 Advances in Win32 ASLR evasion JF none
19:00 Modern Heap Exploitation using the Low Fragmentation Heap Chris Valasek abstract
20:00 Exploiting the Hard-Working DWARF:
Trojans with no Native Executable Code
James Oakley and Sergey Bratus whitepaper
12:00 1 fact + 2 rules - 3 outcomes = 0 good news for you!
(or how I walked in and destroyed your company)
Jayson E. Street abstract
13:00 Exploit Next Generation ++ Nelson Brito abstract
14:00 98% Zero-Day Virus Detection (by natural language training) shirtie abstract
15:00 Offensive XSLT nicob none
16:00 Airtravel hacking Hendrik Scholz abstract