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21:00 Keynote
(not the f***ing PPT clone!)
FX It's the keynote.
13:00 Android Application Sandbox thomasbl Abstract
14:00 How to Patch Social Engineering Adam Shostack Abstract
15:00 8-Bit Wonderland - Executing custom code on the Nintendo Game Boy Belial Abstract
16:00 dirtbox, a highly scalable x86/Windows Emulator Georg Wicherski Abstract
17:00 PDF Syntax Abuse Julia Wolf none
18:00 Exploiting Computational Slack in Protocol Grammars Meredith L. Patterson, Len Sassaman Abstract
19:00 OsmocomBB: Sending arbitrary protocol data to GSM networks Harald Welte Abstract
20:00 Cache Games Xonox none
21:00 Lightning Talks hosted by Fabs none
Saturday WorkshopsTalks
15:00 - 18:00 DJing Workshop Host: Dj Vela

assistance by Mumpi, Joernchen & IllO
13:00 Cyber[Crime|War] - exposing the invisible lines Iftach Ian Amit Abstract
14:00 Hacking Nations - The Emerging Strategies Of Cyberwarfare Sandro Gaycken none
15:00 How To Social Engineer and 0wn 75 Million People Anytime You Want To With 100% Success David Marcus none
16:00 Stratagem 1 "Deceiving the heavens to cross the sea" Jayson E. Street Abstract