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infos for our guests

What is ph-neutral ?

In 2003, Phenoelit created a frame in which people interested in computer security (commonly referred to as hackers *g*) can share ideas/codes/success.
It will, again, be an invitation-only party. Guests are invited due to the fact that they are known by the people who run the party or because they got recommended from another guest. If you feel that you should be on this list, add yourself and you might get approved ...

Registration is closed.

When is it supposed to happen?

date: 28.05.2010 - 30.05.2010
d00rs: around 18:00 CET

Where is it?

We will have the party^Wconference at the Universal Hall Berlin (
Universal Hall, Gotzkowskystr. 22, 10555 , Berlin

How to get there?

Check out the Hitchhikers Guide to PH-Neutral 0x7da.


same procedure as every year ;)

All guests will be invited by FX of Phenoelit
If you receive the final message, save the email and make sure you bring the key sent along with your invitation to the event. If you forget the key, you will be firewalled of by the physical security team and you will spend serious time hunting down FX or any other Phenoelit member who knows you and is still able to identify you and himself.


Hotels to stay

Hotels ordered by distance to the event place:
  1. Adrema GOLD INN Hotels ****, Gotzkowskystr. 20-21, 10555 , Berlin Note: This is across the street - you could watch PH-Neutral from your room's window.
  2. Les Nations ***, Zinzendorf Str. 6, 10555 , Berlin - Tiergarten
  3. Golden Tulip Park Consul ****, Alt-Moabit 86 a, 10555 , Berlin - Tiergarten
  4. Alfa Gold Inn ***, Ufnaustr. 1, 10553 , Berlin - Tiergarten
  5. Abion Spreebogen Waterside Hotel ****, Alt-Moabit 99, 10559 , Berlin - Tiergarten
  6. Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten ****,Strasse des 17 Juni 106-108, 10623 , Berlin
We don't actually have a recommendation, YOYO.

Who runs this party?

Quite a lot of people are involved in this party. The ones to contact are:
patron: FX of Phenoelit
Lord of the Things: Mumpi of Phenoelit
NOC & IT-Infrastructure orga: Dizzy of Phenoelit
workshops orga: FX of Phenoelit