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21:00 Keynote
(not the f***ing PPT clone!)
FX none.
It's the keynote.
12:00 Attacking with Cisco Devices Christoph Weber Abstract
13:00 Vulnerabilities in the Equities Markets Dave Marcus Abstract
14:00 Analyzing exploitable file formats Frank Boldewin & Thorsten Holz Abstract
15:00 Embedded Systems Travis Goodspeed His blog
16:00 Keykeriki -
Universal 27MHz Wireless Keysniffing For The Masses
Max Moser & THS Apparently that thing here
17:00 Sniff Keystrokes With Lasers/Voltmeters Andrea Barisani
Daniele Bianco
18:00 Watch compiler optimizing code or
A tool for debugging compiler optimizations and type inference
hannes Abstract
19:00 Windows Secure Kernel Development Fermin J. Serna Abstract
20:00 Data leaks through mobile phone web access Collin Mulliner Abstract
20:30 Staring Into The Abyss Dan KamInSky Slides in Web 2.0
12:00 Voice security and privacy:
Confidentiality protection, today solutions and upcoming technologies and standards
Naif Abstract
13:00 The Truth about Web Application Firewalls:
What the vendors do not want you to know.
Sandro Gauci
Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique
14:00 Breaking contemporary electronic and electromechanic locks - an introduction. Frank Rieger Abstract
15:00 Common and silly crypto mistakes Ralf-Philipp Weinmann Abstract
Check special operations mode note Operations Intelligence & Corporate Security: the dark links Nobody Abstract