Here, you can take a sneak preview on what sessions will be presented during PH-Neutral 0x7d7. If you want to submit a talk, please mail to: fx.

21:00 Keynote
(not the f***ing PPT clone!)
FX none. It's the keynote.
14:00 Cybercrime: wrong myths and erroneous researches, compared with
the Hacker's Profiling Project (HPP) by ISECOM
Raoul 'Nobody' Chiesa Abstract and really verbose Bio.
15:00 Injecting RDS-TMC Traffic Information Signals a.k.a. How to freak out your Satellite Navigation. Andrea Barisani, Daniele Bianco Abstract.
16:00 School of hard knocks things you can learn from working with MSRC dmn/Microsoft Nothing.
17:00 Antivirus (In)Security shadown Abstract and Bio
18:00 Advanced Network Discovery Techniques DJ RevMoon Abstract and Bio. Note: for some of us,
these techniques are not so advanced, but it's not common knowledge either.
19:00 Automated Social Network Mapping Through Telecom Systems asm Abstract and Bio
21:00 Hacking second life for fun and profit Xychix Abstract
22:00 How to build a 3D app in 3 minutes, realtime 3D graphs,
3D IPv6 backbone explorer.
Philippe Biondi (none)
14:00 making custom serial and jtag cables for dsl modems and other devices (hands-on workshop) fbz Abstract & Bio.


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