Phenoelit would like to thank all the people who showed up for a really good time.
The biggest thank goes to the ph-neutral team itself. These people went out of their way to make it a good party for everyone.
Of course, we would like to thank the whole c-base team for all their support and help during ph-neutral.

What now?

Like last year, we will post the DJ sets here as well as the excellent animations that our render-team made for us, so hang on.

check our download-area

check the pictures from 0x7d4

You need to authenticate using your handle (as seen on your badge)
as the username and your key checksum (as seen below the barcode)
as password. Both can also be found in you PH-Neutral KEY BLOCK

If you took some pictures, please let FX know.

Picture taken by Xychix, PNN artwork by zweidorn

Phenoelit and DarkLab