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Phenoelit would like to thank all the people who actually showed up for a good time. Especially the many, many guests that supported us during setup and cleanup time.
The biggest thanks go to the ph-neutral team itself. These people went out of their way to make it a good party for everyone else.

What now?

This place is not going to be historic HTML crap. We post the DJ sets from Satuday here as well as some of the excellent animations that the team around "Golle" made for us.
See below !!!
There might also be some pictures. If anyone of you took some, please let me know.

visuals@ph-neutral 0x7d3

In this folder you can find all avi files which were exclusive rendered for ph-neutral and played there. You need the DivX (< ver. 5.0.5) bundle to play the avi files, as they are DivX encoded.

Renders were created by golle, slish and Hawk

Coordination and supply of render-power by zet

dj mixes@ph-neutral 0x7d3 (from Saturday, May 31)

  • DJ DOLBEE [berlin/germany] 128kbps cbr/ approx. 51MB
  • DJ CMOS [seatle/usa] 128kbps cbr/ approx. 107MB
  • DJane LN [berlin/germany] 128kbps cbr/ approx. 168MB
  • recorded by mumpi



    What is ph-neutral ?

    Phenoelit would like to create the frame in which people interested in computer security (commonly referred to as hackers *g*) can share ideas/codes/success.
    It will be an invitation-only party. Guests are invited due to the fact that they are known by the people who run the party or because they got recommended from another guest. If you feel that you should be on this list and you are not, send a flame to FX to complain.

    When is this happening?

    date: 30.05.03 - 01.06.03 (for the USofA: 05/30/03 - 06/01/03)
    d00rs: around 8:00 pm

    Where is it?

    The party will happen in Berlin/Germany.
    The place is the "Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin" - FHTW.
    A map to the place and infos on how to get there will be posted to the guests-info pages.

    Who runs this party?

    Quite a lot of people are involved in this party. The ones to contact are:
    patron: FX of Phenoelit
    technical & service orga: Mumpi of Phenoelit
    human / design & decoration orga: Zet of Phenoelit
    NOC & IT-Infrastructure orga: Dizzy
    workshops & content orga: Nowin of Phenoelit
    FHTW people's contact: Testha


    run by Phenoelit and DarkLab
    in cooperation with:

    ph-neutral is sponsored by Syngress Publishing.

    Special thanks to Andrew Williams for making this possible.