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infos for our guests

What is ph-neutral ?

In 2003, Phenoelit created a frame in which people interested in computer security (commonly referred to as hackers *g*) can share ideas/codes/success.
If you need any more information, you need to follow one of those links to the PXE RFC and RTFM.

When is it supposed to happen?

date: 2016-05-27
d00rs: around 10:00 CET

Where is it?

Once you overcome tl;dr, you will know.

Can I join?

Yes, you can.

Please read PXE RFC on how that works.

Who runs this party?

Quite a lot of people are involved in this party. The ones to contact are:
patron: FX of Phenoelit
Lord of the Things: Mumpi of Phenoelit
Decoration and signage: Zet of Phenoelit